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Updated September, 2023

The Phoenix Restaurant Inc. to Exit Event Venue Space at 812 Race Street

After 35 years of hosting some of the city’s most iconic events and weddings, The Phoenix Restaurant Inc, has announced that it will exit The Phoenix building located at 812 Race Street in downtown Cincinnati on December 31, 2023.

It has been a pleasure to host so many events at this very historic building over the past 35 years and
the team is grateful to everyone who has supported the business during that time. The last event hosted
by The Phoenix Restaurant Inc. at the building will occur on 12/31/2023. The Phoenix Restaurant Inc. is
committed to working with all 2024 clients to help provide for a smooth transition for their events.

At this time, the Phoenix Restaurant Inc. does not have any immediate plans to relocate and is focused
on supporting all its clients and staff during this transition.

 Explore our FAQs on event booking and safety protocols below!

Booking Your Event 

Q: Is The Phoenix open for events?

A: Yes! We are excited to host events again, and we are continuing to implement safety precautions consistent with the most up-to-date guidelines from Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine. We also have pledged to the Ohio Dine Safe Order and the Ohio Restaurant Associations Dine In Promise.

Q: Can I tour The Phoenix?

A: Yes. Tours are available Tuesday-Saturday and must be made by appointment only. Virtual tours are also available, and clients can explore our website to view photos of our ballrooms, private rooms, and catering.

Q: How do I reserve a space?

A: If you are ready to move forward with your event, we will send you a contract to sign and a link to submit your deposit.

Q: Including social distancing, what are the new ballroom capacities?

A: The Archway Ballroom can seat 170 guests with a dance floor. The Grand Ballroom can seat 200 - 240 guests.

Q: Including social distancing, what are the new private room capacities?

A: The Presidents Room: up to 50 - 65 guests, Tea Room: up to 30 - 45 guests,

Maisonette Room: up to 20 - 25 guests, Chefs Room: up to 30 - 40 guests,

Cincinnati Room: up to 60 - 75 guests.

Q: Can I have a dance floor at my event?

A: Yes, you can dance. Food and drink are not permitted on the dance floor. Signage and 6 ft. markings will be present on the floor to help guests practice safe social distancing.

Q: What type of food packages are you offering at this time?

A: Work one-on-one with our culinary team to personally craft your event menu. Plated dinner options are only available and all hors d’oeuvres will need to be pre-plated or served by The Phoenix for guests to safely enjoy.

Q: Does the Phoenix offer smaller, intimate wedding spaces?

A: The Phoenix offers many spaces to accommodate groups of all sizes and can customize for any event. Special package pricing for groups of 75 or less is also available. 


New Event and Safety Guidelines

Q: What are the steps that guests can take to help ensure a safe experience?


  • If you are feeling sick, have a fever, a dry cough, a temperature over 100.4°F or have been around someone that has been experiencing these symptoms, then we respectfully ask that you stay home.
  • All guests will be required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival and before entering into the event room. Sanitation stations will be available at the building entrance and in common areas. Our restrooms are conveniently located near the main entrance for hand washing.
  • In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health’s recent order, beginning on July 8, we kindly ask guests to wear a mask at all times unless seating at a table.
  • Signage will be present throughout the venue to help guide guests and ensure proper distancing.

Q: What are the steps that The Phoenix is taking to ensure a safe experience?


  • We use a Pure-Light UV wand to sweep the entire venue daily. This product is also used to disinfect hospitals and other facilities.
  • Our event coordinators are up-to-date on certification requirements, and each employee has received official COVID-19 education.
  • We use CDC approved disinfectant to sanitize all common touchpoints including door handles and tabletops.
  • Employees are required to wear masks and have their temperature taken upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Gloves are worn to prepare every meal and are immediately changed following each course or task.
  • Once an event ends, each room will be fully cleaned and sanitized including but not limited to door handles, tables, chairs, restrooms and bars.

Q: What are the new protocols for events?

A: We have adopted the following event guidelines to ensure your safety:

  • Bar service will be available during your event. Proper social distancing will be required while waiting in line. The Phoenix will have these spots marked for the ease of guests. Table service is available to be added to your event.
  • To practice proper social distancing, all tables must be separated by a minimum of 6 ft.
  • If your event includes a dance floor, signage and messaging will be present to ensure social distancing.
  • All guests must wear shoes while dancing.
  • The Ohio Governor has mandated only groups of 10 or less can congregate in one area. We ask that when you are not dancing, ordering a beverage from the bar, or going to the restroom, that you remain in your seat.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the dance floor.
  • Cocktail hours can only be held so long as the room allows for guests to be socially distanced in gatherings up to 10.


If you have any questions about our safety protocols, booking an event, or setting up a tour, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any question by calling (513) 721-8901.